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Sunpack provides pre-stretch pallet wrapper, brake film pallet wrapper, robot pallet wrapper, forklift pallet wrapper, luggage wrapper, carton wrapper which adopts LLDPE stretch film as packing material to pack large and heavy or artistic cargo. By this way, it can keep package from dust, damp and damage. it is widely used in printing, paper-making, chemical industry, food and transportation etc. Packed cargo is compact and safe.
Sunpack covers all banding solutions. From heat sealing to cold welding. From tension feeding to vacuum feeding. From soft banding tension to normal banding tension, then to high banding tension.We provide solution for food industry, printing industry, pharmaceutical industry, Laundry industry, Chemical industry, Supermarket promotion products etc
Sunpack provides semi-auto strapping machine, automatic strapping machine and fully automatic strapping machine which adopts PP strapping as packing material. it is widely used in household appliance, food, general merchandise, medical, chemical , printing, post office, logistics industries etc. It can work with production line and automatically finish the tightening, cutting and welding.

Sunpack covers vacuum banding machine, The printing function refers to adding a heat transfer printing machine to the basic function of the banding machine, so as to achieve the synchronization of printing and banding. The heat transfer printer prints on the banding material first and then the banding machine bands the printed banding material directly to the product.

Food packaging
Food packaging ensures safe transportation and optimal storage. It is also an information carrier and promotional medium. Food packaging made from plastic can also prolong shelf life and helps to minimize food waste. Depending on the exact application, bands made from paper or film can be used as primary or secondary packaging.
Printing finishing banding
Narrow bands damage the edges of paper, cardboard and pasteboard during bundling. This generates rejections and increases production costs. Wide bands made from paper or film protect edges. Additional dynamic and customized information such as codes, article numbers and formats can be printed.
Logistic& E-commerce
Logistics covers the transport, storage, handling, order picking, sorting, packaging and distribution of goods. We offer reliable and integrated solutions for packaging logistics, intralogistics, transport logistics and delivery logistics. Increase productivity and minimize costs in e-commerce.
Vegetable&Fruit packaging
Handle large quantities extremely efficiently. Our packing solutions for bundling and combining blister packs, sachets, stick packs, small folding cardboard boxes and small bottles are being applied everywhere in the world. Significantly less waste, greatly reduced energy consumption, packs opened without tools
Promo packaging
our printed and 100% recyclable paper or film bands bundle your products simply, securely, attractively and in a customer-friendly way. Your marketing defines the appearance of the packaging. Additional just-in-time information such as bar codes can also be very easily added and printed during banding.
Self ready packaging
Shelf ready packaging (also called “retail ready packaging”) ensures that products travel safely, efficiently and ecologically from the manufacturer directly to the store shelf and that they appeal to customers. Without any repackaging. This places stringent demands on the retail packaging.

Ultrasonic banding

The ultrasonic weld is fast, clean, efficient, and eliminates the side effects that heat can introduce into your product. The combination of this innovative ultrasonic technology and other customizable features makes ultrasonic banding ideal for many applications in your industry.

what is banding?

Banding is the process where one or multiple products are wrapped with a thin band of paper or film. This is done by using a banding machine. An efficient technique for applications such as bundling, labelling or sealing. The band can be used both printed and unprinted. With a wide range of banding machines and additional options, an infinite number of applications is possible in almost all markets.